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Spotlight 7, module 10

TEST "Conditionals" (V4)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

Write the type of Conditional (15 points)

1) If Peter … (do) lots of exercise, he'll be fit and healthy.

2) Unless he agrees to drive me to the airport, I

… (take) a taxi.

3) Water … (turn) into ice if the temperature falls below 0°C.

4) Boris won't be able to buy new car if he …

(not/get) a loan.

5) You'll hurt yourself if you … (not/be) careful.

Rewrite the sentences using if or unless (10 points)

1) If you don't revise early, you won't do well on your exams.

2) Unless she gets some rest, she won't be able

to continue her work.

3) If Chris doesn't have a stomachache, he should go to school.

4) If we don't hurry, we will miss lunch.

5) Unless I exercise regularly, my body won't stay healthy.

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